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Watershed Management: North Cannon River WMO

North Cannon River WMO encompasses 150 square miles in southern Dakota County. This WMO lies at the northern (downstream) end of the much larger Cannon River Watershed. Over 90% of the land is agricultural with concerns focused on streambank erosion, agricultural runoff, and ground water contamination.
The North Cannon River Watershed Management Organization has sponsored water quality monitoring stations to document baseline watershed conditions and provide water quality data to state agencies responsible for assessing the health of these waterways. These stations are located in the Chub Creek subwatershed, the Pine Creek subwatershed, and the Trout Brook subwatershed. All stations are operated by the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Monthly water quality grab samples are collected from the permanent monitoring station on Chub Creek in the town of Randolph on a routine basis and analyzed for an extensive suite of chemical parameters. Streamflow monitoring is conducted on a bimonthly basis at the Chub Creek location and a data logger is installed to collect stage and water temperature data.

Links, Technical Reports & Data Access:

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