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Agriculture Resource Management: Soil Loss Reduction Program

Grass Waterway

The Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) offers technical and financial assistance to agricultural producers for the establishment of conservation management practices. Practices are applied to stabilize erodible soil surface areas with high rates of soil erosion by water or wind, restore degraded sites that cannot be stabilized through normal methods and reduce damage from sediment and runoff to downstream areas.

Conservation Tillage

Conservation tillage is a practice that manages the amount, orientation and distribution of crop and other plant residues on the soil surface year-round, while limiting soil-disturbing activities to only those necessary to place nutrients, condition residue and plant crops.

Waterway Project

Grass Waterways, Terraces, Diversions

A designed vegetated protection area that stabilizes the grade and controls erosion in a natural or artificial channel. These practices prevent the formation or advance of gullies.

Water and Erosion Control Structures

This practice is used in areas where the concentration and flow velocity of water require a structure to stabilize the grade in channels or to control gully erosion.

Financial Incentive Programs:

Incentive Payment Program
Conservation Reserve Program (Farm Service Agency)
Environmental Quality Incentives Program (Natural Resources Conservation Service)