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Backyard Conservation: Rain Barrels

During the summer months, significant increases are seen in daily water consumption rates. Much of that increased water usage is directed at lawns in the form of irrigation. This increased water usage can drain local water supplies, put strains on water infrastructure, and cause safety issues when municipalities are not able to keep enough water in reserve for emergencies such as fires.

Collecting water in a rain barrel is a form of rainwater harvesting that can be done within your own yard. A rain barrel is simply a container that captures storm water runoff and temporarily holds the water until needed. A quarter inch rainfall on the average house yields over 200 gallons of water. The most common place to install a rain barrel is under a downspout and a spigot and hose can be attached to the rain barrel for watering use. Water from a rain barrel is better for watering plants because it contains no chlorine and is softer than tap water.

Building Your Own Rain

Rain Barrels also cut down on the amount of runoff from your yard. Rain barrels not only catch the rainwater and put it to good use; they prevent harmful effects of excess runoff such as erosion or sediment and pollutant transport to downstream lakes, rivers, or wetlands.


Rainwater Harvesting