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Stormwater Management: Low Impact Development

LID Project

Low Impact Development (LID) integrates ecological and environmental considerations into all phases of urban planning, design, and construction. The goal of low impact development is to eliminate or minimize the impacts of urbanization on the natural water processes occurring within the watershed.

Proper LID manages storm water as close to the source as possible. LID uses practices such as preserving natural vegetation, wetlands, and grass swales to maintain the natural ability of the land to soak in water. LID also minimizes the amount of impervious surface with techniques such as incorporating permeable surfaces for sidewalks and parking lots, reducing sidewalk and street widths, and routing rooftop and driveway runoff to vegetated areas.

LID Project
Full Report

Dakota County Low Impact
Development Standards
(Revised 02.09.12)

We are committed to working with land owners, developers, and local units of government to promote LID concepts in Dakota County. In addition to technical assistance, financial incentives may be available to qualified projects. Contact our office for more information.

Financial Incentive Programs:

Conservation Initiative Funding


Low Impact Development Center, Inc.
Low Impact Development (Environmental Protection Agency)
Minnesota Stormwater Manual (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)