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Financial Incentives: Rural Cost Share - Incentive Payment Practices Program

The Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District's (SWCD) Incentive Payment Practices (IPP) Program provides payments from the SWCD to landowners who establish specific water quality protection practices on their land. All IPP Program projects must demonstrate a water quality improvement to receiving waters and comply with all local, state, and Federal regulations.

Landowners who are interested in an IPP Program project must complete the following steps:

  1. Meet with SWCD staff to identify the resource problem, determine and design the appropriate Best Management Practice, and complete an IPP Program application that documents the landowner's contact information, project location, and project eligibility.
  2. Work with SWCD and partner agency staff to determine if the project is eligible for additional funding from other sources.
  3. Sign an IPP Program contract that outlines the landowner's responsibilities, installation start and completion deadlines, contract length, payment schedule, and payment amounts.
  4. The Board must approve the contract.
  5. The project must be installed, operated, and maintained according to the contract guidelines and USDA Field Office Technical Guide Practice Standards.
  6. The landowner must submit a signed IPP Program Voucher Form supported by itemized receipts and invoices determined by the SWCD to be practical and reasonable for the completion of the project.
  7. The landowner is responsible to pay, in full, all receipts and invoices directly to the contractor or vendor.
  8. The landowner shall receive IPP Program funding following final review and approval of the project by the Board.

IPP Program Fact Sheet